Sunday, July 15, 2018

TRUST #27: EL is 2 years Seizure-Free

Look closely at this photo and you can see people on top of the big rock. These people went on a journey to climb that rock in order to focus on the beauty around them. It reminds me of the climbs we have taken in life with our daughter, EL. Not physical climbs as we see in the photo; but emotional, developmental, and spiritual climbs - all due to EL's various health issues. Each climb we have taken has been used to help us exercise our faith, and to help us focus on the beauty around us.

It has been awhile since I have given an update on EL. Thankfully, that means she hasn't been having any major health issues lately. Yay! In fact, her last seizure was on July 15, 2016, two years ago today. After that seizure, her Pediatric Neurologist added an additional medication, which seems to have been the one that was needed to stop the seizures.

She started seeing a different Neurologist in February of this year - one that see's adults. We like her, and are happy her office is only an hour's drive from us instead of two. Next month, we will go back for a 6-month checkup and discuss weaning EL from the first medication she started taking and will see how things go.

Watching your child suffer through health issues is heartbreaking, to say the least. Through it all - her autism, her anxiety, her epilepsy, and her pituitary tumor - God has been a refuge for us. He has given us the wisdom, patience, and the strength we have needed for each and every climb we've come to. That is what TRUSTING in God can do.

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