Sunday, July 27, 2014

VACATION Part 4 - Beech Bend Amusement Park

This is the 4th and final post about the fun things we did on our vacation this year...
On our last day in Bowling Green, KY, we decided to go to BEECH BEND AMUSEMENT PARK. They open at 10:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. There are two sides to the park:  One for rides and shows, and one for Splash Lagoon Water Park. We spent a couple of hours on the rides, and went to a magic show before lunch. After lunch, we changed and went to the water park. I don't have any pictures of us in the water park side because, while we were there, JJ's ear began hurting him terribly. We ended up leaving at 3:30 and took him to a quick care clinic. They said his ear was red, a sign of infection. So, we gave him pain meds, packed up the car, and headed home.
For the amount of time we spent there, it was a nice enough amusement park. Our biggest complaints were that they didn't have enough workers to run all the rides, a couple of the rides were run down and not working properly, and the park closes too early for a hot summer day. However, they do provide free parking, free sunscreen, and free glasses of cold water. Under other circumstances, we would have stayed until closing time.
JJ and I went on the Log Ride

JJ and I on the Crazy Bus
JJ, EL and I in a teacup
EL and I on the Carrousel
At the magic show, I was chosen to help
EL and I on the swings
EL is driving!
JJ is driving!
Back at the hotel, getting ready to head home.
JJ was not feeling good.

Sunset on the way home

Psalm 113:3 - From the rising
of the sun to its setting the name
of the LORD is to be praised.

VACATION Part 3 - Kentucky Down Under

We spent an afternoon at KENTUCKY DOWN UNDER in Horse Cave, KY.
We paid one price for the little zoo, shows, and a 30-minute tour of Mammoth Onyx Cave. If you like animals, this is a fun place, although it was very hot when we were there, and there is a decent sized hill you need to walk up in order to get into the park. If you have trouble walking up hills, this is not the best option. They sometimes have a wagon to take you around, but it was not running while we were there.

As you enter the park, there are animals carved out of tree trunks

At the animal show:  Petting a Cockatoo

Petting a snake

Getting ready for the cave tour.
We had to wear helmets and carry flashlights.
QUICK REVIEW:  This cave is not lighted, and they say it is one of the easier caves for kids to go on, especially if they have never been in a cave before. I have never been in a cave, so I have nothing to compare it to. However, there was an area where we had to climb some steep, narrow steps, and duck under some rocks. The steps were wet and slippery (Be sure to wear sneakers!). It was too difficult for EL to climb and I had to take her out to sit with her daddy. He chose not go in because of the incline. So, if you have trouble climbing, and do not like steep stairs, or dark enclosed places, be forewarned. JJ and I really liked the cave and thought it was neat to see. Plus, it was so much cooler inside and helped cool us down on a hot day.  

A picture from inside the cave

Sheep dog

Demonstration of sheep herding

Talking about kangaroos before entering the Walk-About Tour

The kangaroos were very tame, and very soft

Can you see the joey?

Feeding the Lorikeets was a highlight of this park.
(Be forewarned that the birds may doo doo on your shirt!)

Family pic with the Lorikeets

When you enter the bird area, they immediately fly down and land on your shoulders, arms, and head. JJ was surprised at first, but thought it was a lot of fun. We all did.

EL's visit with a Lorikeet


A laughing Kookaburra bird.
JJ was able to get this one to laugh.

In the evening, we drove through Mammoth Cave National Park
and stopped at the visitors center.

On the bridge at the visitors center

VACATION Part 2 - Eastern Kentucky

After leaving Louisville, KY, we drove to
Eastern KY to visit my brother and his family.
It was our first time at their house.
Cousins hanging out together

Preacher Bill came to give us tips on ventriloquism.
You can learn more about him and his ministry at:

We spent an afternoon at YOUTH HAVEN BIBLE CAMP
where my brother and his family are raising support to become
full-time missionaries at.

Family picture at the camp

Horses at the camp

Taking a trail hike at the camp

A view from "The Point"
which can be seen at the top of the trail.

J.J. and J.D. on the paddle boats

David and R.A. on the paddle boats

We went to church on Sunday morning where
David and my nieces did a puppet performance

Leaving Eastern KY and heading to Bowling Green
(Mammoth Cave area)

Some tired-out kids here.
We all had a great time!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

VACATION Part 1 - Louisville, KY

Even though we had some difficult moments on our vacation this year, we also had some fun times as a family, and are glad we had the chance to go. Here are pictures from our time in Louisville, KY...
On the road from Grandma & Grandpa Mac's (in the St. Louis area)
to Louisville, KY, where we stayed for one night.
Going through a tunnel in Kentucky
Entering Louisville
Eating dinner at Denny's

Downtown Louisville

A visit to Glassworks
A demonstration of glass blowing at Glassworks.
Quick Review:  This was an interesting stop, however, in our opinion,
the cost was not worth what we saw. We went on a self-guided tour
and viewed glass blowing in two different locations.
It came to about $5.00 per person. Any hands-on activities
were an additional price, which were also costly. 
We were there for less than an hour.
Leaving Louisville, it was raining,
but the hills and rocks were amazing to us flat-landers.