Thursday, April 30, 2020

Cancer Treatment Update: Lupron Injections

It has been over a year since I LAST GAVE AN UPDATE on my cancer journey, so I thought it was about time to give another one.

A few months after my most recent mastectomy (which was in January 2019), I started having some gynecologic issues and I was concerned about it being a new cancer. In May 2019, I ended up having a uterine biopsy that was, thankfully, benign. Several months later, the issues continued, so my doctor performed a D&C which also showed no problems. After further testing, it was finally determined my ovaries were still producing a small amount of hormonal activity.

That's when my Oncologist stepped in and decided I needed to be given Lupron injections along with the Arimidex/Anastrozole I was already taking. Without the shots, the Arimidex would not be effective, and the chance of my cancer returning would be much higher.

So, in March 2020, I was given my first Lupron shot. I've had 2 so far, and will continue getting them at least once per month until the doctor says I don't need them anymore. It might be a year or more, but won't be forever.

The side effects of this new med have not been bad. The joints in my knuckles are sore again (which is actually a good thing, because it shows the meds are working!), I have been more fatigued, have had an increased amount of hot flashes, and have also had some headaches. But, nothing has been unbearable, and I'm so thankful.

A lot has changed in this past year, both personally and within our world.
But one thing is sure - God doesn't change.
He is always good.
He is always there to give strength when needed.
What a blessing.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

HHMRH Top 10 Posts of 2019

This year, I have combined blog posts from this main blog as well as the photos/posts on our Facebook ministry page HE HOLDS MY RIGHT HAND MINISTRIES.  So, out of all the posts for 2019, here are the top 10 . . .

#10 - December 4 This young lady has got such a good heart with so much love to share. She is kind, loves animals, loves to draw and share her pictures with others, loves to give hugs, loves to help wherever she can, and she smiles when I tell her, "Thank you for being such a big helper." Most of all, she loves Jesus, and it definitely shows. She is precious, and I thank God for giving her to us as our daughter.

#9 - August 6Snapped this photo of my nephew while we were visiting family in Kentucky.

#8 - October 20David was the guest preacher this morning at Trimble Bible Church near Robinson, IL. He spoke about why God might say "No" to our prayers, and gave several suggestions on how we can respond when God does say "No." One response comes directly from 1 Thessalonians 5:18 - "Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

#7 - November 18: Nine months ago, while I was helping my mom pack her things to move in with us, I lost a favorite necklace. It was given to me by my husband on my "golden" birthday - when I turned 24 on the 24th. I was sad when I lost it, of course, and prayed for it to be found. Well, today, 9 months later, my mom found the necklace in the top drawer of her dresser! I was certain it was lost forever, but today I was given a special blessing from God. So, I hope this encourages you, if you are waiting for an answer to a prayer (whatever it may be), don't lose heart. God does hear your prayers, but sometimes it takes awhile to see results.
#6 - December 1: There are many different ways to celebrate the birth of Christ, and using the Advent season is one way to help us do that. Our Pastor, Steve Willis, spoke about Advent at church this morning. He also wrote a blog post about it. Here is a quote from his blog: "Today is the first Sunday in Advent. Advent is the time in our calendar when we prepare to celebrate the Birth of Christ. It is unclear when Advent was first developed, but it has been a part of church traditions for centuries. Of course, the biblical basis for the celebration centers on the many scriptures that foretell the coming of the Messiah. For followers of Christ, the Advent season is not only a time when we look back on what has taken place, but we look forward to the return of Christ we know will someday happen."

#5 - June 22: A sweet moment captured between brother and sister, when our son left to work at camp for the summer.

#4 - November 7:  This photo was taken 3 weeks ago today while I was sitting in a hospital waiting room. (David needed to have a prostate biopsy, and it was done in the Operating Room rather than a clinic, due to possible complications.) Today, we found out the results of the biopsy and are so thankful it is negative!! But, we hope this photo and verse will remind you today that our God is with you WHEREVER you go! Through the uncertain days, through times of waiting, through news that is good, and news that is hard, He is always faithful to help you through.
#3 - August 23:  Photo taken at the home of David's parents in Northern IL.

#2 - October 25:  God's promises are always reliable. Hold onto this as you persevere through trials of this world.  (Photo taken at a horse barn in Jasper County, IL.)

 #1 - January 20, 2019

As always, thank you for reading and/or following along. Remember to always count your blessings, and consider making it your goal to grow closer to the Lord in 2020.