Friday, July 17, 2009

Make Time....

Each day, as I sit at the computer, I get the privilege of Aggie’s company. She is such a dear cat, who has been a part of my life for over 12 years now. She and her sister, Dutchess, came to us as only 6-week-old kittens, before we were blessed with children of the human kind.

I have to admit, Aggie sometimes gets on my nerves, always wanting attention and nudging her nose up against my fingers as I try to type. It takes me a few times of lovingly (and sometimes not so lovingly) pushing her away before she finally either settles down on my lap, or on top of the computer desk next to my keyboard. On occasion, she will even lay on the floor near my feet. When David is home and is working on his computer, she is then blessing HIM with her presence. She will even follow him around the house from one room to another, wanting his attention.

Despite how adoring Aggie is, David and I have often complained about how “needy” she seems to be. But, you know what? On the occasions when she isn’t there, we wonder, “Where is Aggie?” It is odd to not have her around, and we actually miss it.

It’s the same between us and our heavenly Father. He desires fellowship with us and always wants to be near us, even to the point of following us around from place to place. But, how often do we push Him aside and say, “Not now, Lord. I don’t have time for You.”

Sometimes it takes something drastic for us to realize we are not close to the Lord, and then we miss having that closeness. I hope you are not feeling this way. But, if you are, please take some time today to strengthen your relationship with Him. Spend some time with the Lord in prayer and be comforted by his presence. He adores you!

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