Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy 90th Birthday, Grandma!

Yesterday, a gathering of 50-60 family and friends met at my grandmother’s church to help celebrate her 90th birthday! It was a nice day - a time to fellowship, share, cry a little, and laugh a lot - a time to remember the good times we’ve had, and to look back and laugh at the things that may not have seemed so funny at the time it first happened. It was a day to recognize a wonderful “young” lady who has touched so many lives with her love and compassion, her sense of humor, her strength, and her love for the Lord.

Grandma has been such an inspiration to me, and to many others as well. I am so “proud” to call her my grandma. She isn’t perfect (Who is?), but the overall way she has lived her life is a testimony of how I want to be remembered when I am her age.

Grandma’s favorite hymn is “Because He Lives.” As I listen to the lyrics, I can see how perfect they are, and how well they fit with my Grandma’s life. Through all the struggles she has encountered, as well as all the joyous times in her life, she has never forgotten what really matters.... Because HE lives, we can face tomorrow....

Even if you don’t know my grandma, please take some time to listen to this song and be reminded of how our lives are soooo worth living.... Just because HE lives....

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