Monday, March 29, 2010

GUEST BLOGGER: Daneille Snowden

My friend, Daneille, currently resides in Newton, IL, where she and her husband, Brad, are ministering at New Life Christian Center. Daneille and Brad have been married for 22 years, and have been in the ministry just as long. They have 3 children: Nathan 18, Felecia 11 and Tabitha 7. Daneille says, "My heart is that everything I say and do will cause individuals to become closer to Jesus." She enjoys teaching from God's Word, first to her children, and to anyone else God sends her way.  Thankyou for sharing, Daneille!


Asking for Prayer: It's Okay to Be Transparent
By: Daneille Snowden

I know for many people it is difficult for them to make a public prayer request known in church, e-mail or even facebook. Reasons vary; some of the most pronounced are, they are afraid others will judge them or will misunderstand their 'lack' of faith simply because they made the request. Others reserve the request to a small group who they know will REALLY pray (which is just fine).

There are always risks in being transparent and throwing your need out there, making yourself a bit vulnerable to the thoughts and words of others. I know this full well, being in the ministry for 22 years. But, the Lord has shown me time and time again; He didn't make me this way for me to hold the needs back; but to share them with brothers and sisters in Christ so they will pray and be a part of seeing God's Glorious miracles come to fruition.

Personally, I have held my dying mother in my hand believing for her restoration, I have been attacked, had my life threatened, sat at a lot of "last meals" trusting that the Lord (before the next) would supply. We have had witches from the occult surround our homes, as we called out to Jesus as well as having our church members pray.

What I am saying is, as one who has a need, don't hestitate to let your friends know so they can lift you up to the Throne Room. The larger percent really do care and will not judge, gossip or preach to you. They really will have godly compassion. As for those who don't, they will learn one day and be in need as well, in God's time. We all have something to learn.

To the ones who are reading or listening to a request, do that "listen-whisper" to God, praying, "If you have something for me to share with him (or her) to uplift him at this time, give me Your Words Lord."

One day this past week, I woke up at 4:30 a.m. with this heavy on my heart. I believe God wants more people to be open and to share their needs; and for more and more to really interceed. I feel the Lord challenging us. Let's really increase our ministry of intercession, more now than ever. We need each other.


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