Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Testimony of Robert Rogers

At church today, we had a guest speaker by the name of Robert Rogers. At first glance, he is just an ordinary man with a love for God and for his family. However, his faith and devotion goes much deeper than that. In a tragic accident, he lost his wife and 4 young children during an unexpected flash flood. It was hard for him to go on without them, of course. However, with the Lord’s help, he rose above his grief and began sharing his testimony to hundreds of churches across America. Aside from that, he was instrumental in starting orphan homes for children in Russia, Africa and Asia, with a vision for more homes on the way. He also met another young woman who became his wife and, together, they now have 3 beautiful children as well. I would almost call Robert a modern day Job (pronounced Jobe), a man in the Bible who was righteous before God but endured numerous tragedies that took away his family, friends, and everything he owned. Through it all, Job did not curse God and stood firm in his faith. In due time, the trials were over and the Lord blessed him with even more than he had before, including a beautiful wife and many children.

It was tearful, yet inspiring, to hear Robert’s testimony and how he continues to serve the God who made him and who loves him, despite all he has been through. One of the verses he shared with us is my favorite verse: Isaiah 41:13. It is written at the top of my blog. His testimony was a reminder to me that God is always with us, even when things are hard. He is there holding our hand. The Lord may not always calm the storms in our life, but He can calm US as we go through those storms. He gives us peace that only HE can give, and I thank Him so much for that.

A quote from Robert that I found on his website says: “I believe I miraculously survived and am alive to tell the remarkable testimony of hope and God's grace through tragedy. God can bring beauty from ashes. There is peace through Jesus. God is still good, all the time."

Here is more information about Robert and his ministry...

And, here is part of his testimony that you can watch...


  1. He was at our church in Cocoa Beach Florida this morning (2/4/2018). Has several books now, a few CDs...out..gave most of his story ...very moving


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