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GUEST BLOGGER: Judy Woodward Bates - "Weight on Me?"

This is the second article I have used (with permission) from Judy Woodward Bates. She is a speaker, TV personality, columnist, and author. Her latest book is "Bargainomics: Money Management by the Book." Schedule her to speak or order her books at:

Weight on Me?

If you’ve ever tried kayaking, canoeing or sailing, you know that getting a good wind behind you can scoot you along with much greater ease than trying to maneuver into the path of the wind.

Jesus, having had experience with boats and His fishermen disciples, knew how the wind affected a boat’s progress. He understood that rowing into the wind was a struggle, while rowing with the wind made moving forward much easier.

Jesus also knew that the same thing was true of His workers. Those who were diligently working for the Kingdom were like that favorable wind -– they helped to advance the message of Jesus’ Gospel.

But what of those who did nothing? They may not have been helping, but they were certainly not causing any harm, were they?

Think of it this way: Four guys weighing two hundred pounds each are in a boat. Three are rowing. One is doing nothing. True enough, he’s not helping, but is he causing any harm? You betcha.

His two hundred pounds is dead weight. The other three guys not only have to muster enough power to pull their own bulk, they also have to put in the muscle to carry along the fourth man’s weight while he does nothing. “Dead weight” is a very good description for this guy.

Jesus addressed this very issue in Matthew 12:30. He told the people, "He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters."

Each believer must choose his position. He can be that argumentative, contrary wind that holds back and even diminishes the progress of the Kingdom of God. He can be that dead weight that expects others to carry him along as he rests on his laurels and enjoys the fruits of others' labors. Or he can be that vibrant, hard-working laborer who is on the job, on fire, and moving on for the glory of God.

Believer, have you chosen your position? If you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, you’re in His boat. What are you doing to move it forward?

Judy Woodward Bates
The Bargainomics Lady

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