Thursday, November 17, 2011

Inexpensive Ways to Spend Time With Your Family

You can spend time with your family, and you can do it very inexpensively. The following list has something for everyone - families with children, families without children, families with grown children, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc...
Play a board game or card game.

Play “I Spy” (The object is to have someone choose an item in the room, within eyeshot of everyone. Then, each person takes turns asking questions about it until they figure it out.)

Play Hangman or Tic Tac Toe.

Ask each person 20 questions about themselves to get to know them better.

Play 20 questions, where someone thinks of an object and writes it down, then everyone asks questions to see if they can figure out what it is.

Draw pictures together. One of my family’s favorite games is to have one person draw one thing, then the next person adds something to it, then continues on until you all agree that the picture is done. My dad did this with us when I was growing up, and now he is doing it with his grandchildren as well. We call it the “Drawing Game.”

Tell stories to each other, or with each other. Just like the “Drawing Game,” telling stories works the same way. Someone begins, then the next one continues, until everyone has had at least one chance.

Bake together and share some with your friends and neighbors.

Have a family movie night with pizza and popcorn.

Have an ice cream sundae bar where everyone can add their own toppings.

Listen to music and dance around the room.

Sing with each other.

Rub each other’s feet and shoulders while watching TV or listening to music.

Exercise together.

Have a scavenger hunt.

Have an indoor picnic.

Do a craft together.

Do a service project together.

Play with playdough.

Learn about a specific kind of pet, then go pick one out together.

Go on a nature hike, or just a walk around the neighborhood.

Sit on the porch swing and watch the birds.

Go to the park.

Go swimming together.

Rake leaves together, then jump in them.

Play in the snow or go sledding.

Go camping.

Ride bikes.

Fly a kite.
Play a game of tag or hide and seek.

The list goes on...

What are some of your favorite inexpensive things to do as a family? Please share...


  1. Did you just tell me to go fly a kite???
    ; D
    Sounds like fun.

  2. Your list is exhaustive...I can't think of anything you didn't include :)
    We LOVE I spy...we've bought the books and I even made an I spy quilt.

  3. Amen....FAMILY! God's first unit He created.
    How about just live, laugh, play and pray together?
    Thank God for families.


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