Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mary's Song

By:  Victoria L. Stankus


Joseph and I had a long way to go.
We traveled both day and night.
But when we arrived in Bethlehem,
There were no empty rooms in sight.

I didn't complain, but trusted God
To find us a place to stay.
Soon, there was this stable
Filled with plenty of nice warm hay.

It is here where my song was born.
Jesus, God's son, I did bear.
The thought of this babe as a king
Is almost a bit of a scare.

But, as I look in His eyes,
I see beautiful sparkles of love.
I know He is not just my son,
But also the Father's above.

The birth of the king is shown by a star.
Some shepherds followed it and came.
When they arrived, they worshiped Him
And praised His holy name.

I’ve wrapped the babe in swaddling clothes
And laid Him in a manger.
There He will be plenty warm
And kept away from danger.

Now, as I watch Him sleeping,
There’s a song that fills my heart.
And, my baby boy is the melody
That made the music start.


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