Monday, July 29, 2013

Updates on My Blood Clot and My Daughter's MRI

I recently read our newest church newsletter and, as always, browsed over the list of many people needing prayer. I saw my name listed, and also my daughter's name listed, and it was a bitter-sweet moment for me.

It was "bitter" because I was reminded of what we are being prayed for - my recovery from chemo, the blood clot I developed post surgery, and the cause of my daughter's seizures. I am ready for these situations to be completely resolved, but that hasn't happened yet.

Then, it was "sweet" because I was reminded of how blessed we are to have so many people praying for us.

Here is an update on the BLOOD CLOT, I posted about a couple of weeks ago: 

Last Wednesday, I saw the doctor again, and the swelling in my arm is going down. This is a good sign that the clot is dissolving. He is having me continue with the Arixtra shots (blood thinner), and I will see him again on August 7th for another checkup.

He also decided to start me on the Tamoxifen. Even though there is a slight risk of blood clots with this medication, he said I should be fine since I am on the blood thinner. So, my Tamoxifen journey has begun; and, so far, all is well with that. If things continue to go well, I will be taking it for the next 10 years to reduce the chances of any cancer recurrence.

Here's an update on my daughter's situation:

Her MRI results showed two masses - one in her pituitary gland, and one in her pineal gland. She has another MRI scheduled for August 9th to look at these masses more closely. It is very common for cysts to be found in these glands, so we are trying not to think the worst. But, quite honestly, these findings do concern us.

I will try to keep you updated as things unfold. Thankyou, again, for your prayer support. Please continue as you think about our family, because I KNOW they are helping get us through these uncertain times.

No matter what, God is good ALL the time.


  1. I am so saddened to see this news about your daughter. I will be praying for both of you.

  2. You have no idea how our thoughts and lives parallel. You have been so strong. I know it is a wearisome time. Keep the faith my dear daughter.
    You are loved. I care,

  3. Have they ever checked your daughter for Cushings Disease or Cushing's Syndrome? I was up at Mayo Clinic this year for that, they are tops in that. Local people here had no clue how to test for it or how to treat it, Mayo Clinic was so shocked at the local endocrinologist not knowing what to do.

    1. Yes, I believe so. Her latest blood test involved a dexamethasone pill and a lab draw. The levels for cortisol were normal. She is being seen by a doctor in St. Louis. Thanks for the suggestion.


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