Sunday, August 18, 2013

EL's 2nd MRI

Three weeks ago, I mentioned my daughter's MRI results, and said she would be going back for a 2nd MRI to get a closer look at two spots. (Note: In order to give her a "name" and make things easier as I write, she will be known as EL instead of just "my daughter"). The 2nd MRI was on August 9th. Things went well, overall, although EL woke up a lot grumpier this time than she did after the first one.

One week later (which was this past Friday), we finally received a call from the doctor regarding the results. This is what we currently know:

1.  The spot in the Pineal gland looks to be a fluid-filled cyst. It may or may not be causing any problems. Many people have cysts like this for years and don't ever know about it unless they have an MRI done for some unrelated reason.

2.  The Pituitary gland is enlarged, but they still do not know the cause of the enlargement.

3.  The good news is that both of these spots have not increased in size since the first MRI was done, so they are not growing (at least not very fast).

4.  The next step is to have her seen by two different specialists. One will be a Neurosurgeon, for an evaluation and opinion of the spots. The other is with an Endocrinologist who will check her hormone levels. If her hormone levels are high, that could be the cause for the Pituitary enlargement. If they are normal, then something else is the cause.

The appointments for these specialists have not been made yet, but we are going to try and get them made for the same day to save on time and travel. 

One thing "nice" about traveling to St. Louis for EL's appointments (we've had 3 so far), is that we have been able to spend some extra time with my parents. It has worked out for them to watch our son, JJ, with each trip we've made. I am grateful to them for their help and support.

As always, God is good.


  1. We will continue to pray and believe for positive results.

  2. I'll be praying also. Hopefully no further action will be necessary. Beth's MRI is the 28th. I'd love prayer for that too! How are you doing?

    1. Thanks, Sylvia. I have another Doppler on Wednesday, so we will see if the blood clot is dissolved. I'll be praying for Beth.


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