Tuesday, November 12, 2013

EL's 3rd MRI

Its been over a month since I LAST POSTED about EL and her enlarged pituitary gland. At that time, the doctors said they did not really know what was causing her pituitary to be enlarged, but suspected it to be a benign tumor of some sort.

On November 6, we took EL back to have another MRI to check for any new enlargement. Then, we saw the doctor. After looking over the pictures, and comparing them to the ones taken 3 months ago, the doctor said there is indeed a tumor, however, it has not grown and can be considered a non-active tumor. He is not concerned about it at this time and said she will not need to have another MRI until one year from now (unless, of course, she starts having symptoms). We are supposed to continue following up with her Endocrinologist and an Ophthalmologist, to keep watching and make sure it is not causing any problems. But, those visits will not be until about 6 months from now. So... we thank the Lord for the good report! And, we feel like we finally have some of this behind us now. This is such a huge sigh of relief! Especially since this last MRI was really difficult on EL, as well as on her daddy and me. Let me give you a little sample of how it went...

When EL came out of sedation, she was super irritated and grumpy. She immediately wanted to get up and go to the bathroom, but was still so groggy that she could barely sit up. We put her into a wheelchair to get her to the bathroom, and she grumbled about not being able to walk. The nurse and I ignored her complaints and got her situated in the bathroom. Then, she could not go, even though she had so adamantly said she needed to. So, we took her back to her room, where she promptly said she needed to go again. I asked her if she was sure, and according to her, she was. So, I took her back and we tried again. Still nothing. So, back to the room we went. She sat in the bed and grumbled, mumbled and cried. I held her and told her it was okay to cry, but she just got mad and said, "Its NOT okay!" but, then she cried some more. (sigh)

EL needed to drink something before we were allowed to leave, so the nurse brought some apple juice and an orange drink. She didn't want any. I told her she needed to drink one and gave her a choice. She chose the apple juice (because, according to her, she "hated" orange drink, which she really doesn't.). So, she drank the apple juice and shivered under the covers while watching cartoons(due to the anesthetic they used on her) . Shortly after finishing the apple juice, she said she wanted the orange juice also. She drank it, and didn't hate it after all. Then, she said she needed to go to the bathroom again. Okay, let's try again.... but she didn't want me in the room with her. I stepped out and this time it was a success! But, she continued her grumpy mood and made sure to let me and everyone else around her know that she "hated" it there and doesn't ever want to go back! "I know, Sweetie.... I know...." (and, by the way, she also let me know her name is NOT Sweetie!)

Her mood quickly changed when we arrived in the doctor's office and she saw a toy she remembered from the last time we were there. Oh, she loves this toy (because its a dog), and I'd like to try and find it for her somewhere, but can't seem to find it online. I don't even know the name of it. I know it is made by the Evenflo Company, and I think its some sort of travel toy, and it plays music when you push certain buttons. Here is a picture of it. If anyone knows where we can find one, please let us know.

Here is EL in a much happier mood, sitting in the doctor's office and drawing the toy...

Its hard to know what goes on in her mind sometimes. But, when we find something that makes her happy, that makes us happy too. We love our sweet girl, and we thank you for the prayers you've said on her behalf. God is good, as always.


  1. Just wanted to let everyone know that a couple of my friends found this toy listed on E-bay, so we bought it and its on the way!

  2. Such good news to hear. I'm sure that a heavy load has been lifted! Glad you found the toy!


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