Friday, November 14, 2014

GOOD NEWS: EL's Lab Tests Were Normal

Last week, I posted about EL's BLADDER PROBLEM.  Since then, we received the order from her Endocrinologist to have a urinalysis done, collected it, took it to a local lab, and the doc called the next day with results. Everything was normal! Her Calcium was fine, she is not diabetic, and everything else pointed towards a normal Vasopressin level. This is great news because it means the pituitary tumor is NOT causing any problems. We're so thankful for that and, most likely, she won't need another brain MRI for at least a year from now. The Lord is good.

Unfortunately, EL is still having frequent bathroom breaks, and we don't know why. So, her Pediatrician will be referring us to a Urologist soon. I think we will be able to stick closer to home for this appointment, so that will make things easier.

Thanks for your prayers. I'll update again after we have seen the Urologist.

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