Sunday, January 18, 2015

Encouragement Challenge #3: Prisoner Alert

How was your week? How did you do with CHALLENGE #2? Did you send out a couple of encouraging cards to your chosen people? I sent a card in the mail to a friend who is going through a divorce, and I gave another card to a lady at church who had surgery this week for uterine cancer. Along with the cards, I combined it with CHALLENGE #1 and prayed for them both throughout the week. Its nice to know, just because a challenge week comes to an end, we don't have to let the encouraging acts come to an end. If you haven't started these challenges yet, don't feel discouraged, or feel like you are behind on anything. You can jump in at any time. There is no time limit on encouraging others.

Today's challenge focuses on encouraging Christians who have been arrested for their faith...

There is an easy way we can encourage Christian prisoners who were arrested for their faith.  Go to Prisoner Alert, click on the "Prisoners" tab, choose a prisoner, then follow the instructions for sending them an encouraging letter. It is simple. The website will give you choices of things to say and will even translate the letter into the prisoner's own language. Then, just print it out and mail it to the address they give you.

Or, go to Voice of the Martyrs and choose one other way to get involved in reaching out to those who are being persecuted for Christ.

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  1. I especially love this...our hearts hurt for the persecuted church, especially those that are imprisoned for preaching the Gospel. Also, for their families.


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