Sunday, October 11, 2015

Encouragement Challenge #33: Spend Quality Time with Someone

This week's challenge is based on the love language of Quality Time...

If your love language is Quality Time, you feel loved the most when someone gives you their full, undivided attention. You love it when you can share quality conversation and quality activities without the interruptions of the TV, phone, computer, or someone's unwanted opinions. If someone takes the time to really listen to you and hear your heart, your love tank becomes full.

Even if Quality Time is NOT your main love language, it is very much appreciated when someone makes time for you out of their busy day. So, this week, make a point to invite a friend (or friends) over for dinner, dessert, a cup of coffee/tea, or just to visit and play a game. Get to know them better. Ask them what their ambitions/goals are in life. Share yours with them. Pray together for God's provisions in these matters.

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