Monday, October 2, 2017

Responses to the Survey, and My Current Plan for this Blog

I was a little disappointed that more people didn't respond to my survey about this blog. It made me feel as if there are very few who care about it, and caused me to wonder how much longer I should continue. But, I do love to write, and I love to serve the Lord through my writing; so, for now, I don't plan on giving it up. Thank you to those of you who did respond; there were 16 of you in total.

Out of those who responded:
  • The majority are accessing the blog from Facebook. Then, e-mail came next. 
  • The majority are reading from a PC screen or Laptop; then cell phones are next.
  • Most of you do not enter the giveaways for various reasons.
  • Most of you prefer a once per week post, but about the same amount said it didn't matter to you how often I post. 
  • The topics that seem to be most popular are:  (1) Devotionals and Inspirational Thoughts, (2) Personal Life Events, and (3) Home Life & Hospitality. Here is a link where you can view all the responses to this final question: VIEW RESPONSES

After taking all of this under consideration, this is my current plan:
  • I will do my best to continue posting once per week as I am able (and occasionally twice per week).
  • I will plan to continue focusing on the top three topics as listed above, unless the Lord guides me to head in another direction.
  • I will still post some reviews of faith based or family friendly products. However, I will no longer be posting giveaways for the items I review. There just isn't enough interest. 

If you have any other thoughts or recommendations, I am always interested in hearing from you. Press on in serving the Lord, wholeheartedly, with the talents and gifts He has given to YOU, and thanks again for being a reader of He Holds My Right Hand.

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