Sunday, March 25, 2018

TRUST #11: Trusting Christ With A "Death Sentence" (Mike Phillip's Story)

Today's TRUST story comes from Mike Phillips, a friend of mine from church who was given a "death sentence" from his doctor, but is alive today to tell about it. Thanks for sharing, Mike. 
When my mother was dying, my wife, Pauline, and I took turns taking care of her. During that time, Pauline noticed I had a nasty looking mole on my waist line and she tried to get me to have it looked at. I kept putting it off and told her I would after mom passed away. When I finally had it looked at, it turned out to be a pretty serious cancer. I was told I had malignant melanoma stage 4.5 (I didn't realize it at the time but, now, I understand that to be basically a death Sentence.)
In March 1995, I had surgery to remove the mole, and it left me with a crater just above my waist on my left side which was 9" long, approx 2" wide, and was 3" deep. After several complications, it finally healed up. Then, when I went back to have the doctor check it out, he sent me home with these instructions: "Go home and tell your family goodbye, because you are going to live about 2 more weeks." I told him I didn't think so, but I did eventually have a talk with my children.

I honestly never once begged Christ to heal me. I told Him I was okay, and to do what He wanted. At work, people heard about my cancer and came to my office to talk about it. Several conversations went like this: 
"I heard you have cancer." 
"Yes I do."
"Well, you don't act  like it."
"Well, I am gonna get healed."
"HOW do you know that?"
"Well, either God will heal my body here, or I'm gonna die and go to Heaven, and THAT will heal me. Either way is good for me."
Often I was asked to explain what I meant. So, God Gave me cancer, and cancer allowed me to be a witness. Six months later, I was diagnosed as cancer-free and have remained so all these years later. (It is now 2018).
I never doubted Christ and He never let me down. I just trusted him to do the best for me.


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