Sunday, May 6, 2018

TRUST #17: Prayers Can Show Our Trust

It can be easy to say we are trusting (or relying on) God, but how do we truly know when we are relying on Him?

The answer to that question came to me when I read 21 Days of Faith Challenge by Christian speaker and author, Shelley Hitz. She has several books available on Amazon, and this was one I grabbed when it was available for free on my Kindle.
On DAY 14 of the faith challenge, Shelley tells of a time when she and her husband were doing missionary work and waiting for direction from God in a particular situation. During that waiting time, her husband wrote this quote and posted it on the wall in their kitchen:

Prayer is the proof we are relying on God.

Prayer is not just about asking for the things we want or need. It's about realizing we need God in our lives. It's about putting ourselves in God's hands. It shows we are relying on Him to help us through our circumstances, and not relying on ourselves. 

I encourage you to show you are relying on God by taking your requests to Him in prayer.

Then, TRUST HIM with the outcome.

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