Sunday, March 24, 2019

God Uses Stress to Draw Us Closer to Him

I would never say I am "happy" about stressful situations that pop up in my life. No one is happy about stress. But, I am always grateful for how God uses these situations to draw me closer to Himself.

Life has been crazy busy for me ever since my surgery in January; not really anything earth shattering; its just been one thing after another that has come up. Sometimes it has been a good kind of busy, and sometimes not. Regardless, the busyness and stress these past few months has been distracting me. It has made it harder for me to take the time I need for sitting and "de-compressing" in God's presence.

Last Monday, I shared those thoughts in an e-mail to David's mom, as we often keep in touch about things going on in our lives. Then, a few days later, God used one of my recent stress factors (i.e. car troubles), to get me alone with Him. You see, David's car was no longer safe for him to be driving to work and he had been using my van. So, my mom graciously allowed me to use her car to go to a scheduled checkup with my surgeon. Mom's car did not have a working radio or CD player. So, since I was alone in the car, I was able to use my travel time to pray and sing praise songs to my Lord. It ended up being refreshing for me to have that alone time with Him - because the Joy of the Lord is my strength.

  • for being able to share my heart with David's mom, and my mom as well. They are both great listeners.
  • for the use of my mom's car when my car was unavailable.
  • for the lack of music in mom's car. 
  • that my mom was willing and able to stay home with EL while I went to the appointment.
  • that I was able to have some alone time with God.
  • for stressful situations that remind me of my need for God.
  • for the strength God gives me when I need it most. 

Oh, and, I'm also grateful that David was able to find a good deal on a "new" car that will also provide much better gas mileage as he drives an hour to work each day.

God is good ALL the time.

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