Sunday, February 7, 2021

PASTOR DANIEL MCINTOSH: Because of God’s Past Faithfulness, I Can Trust Him for the Future

I am sharing an article recently written by my brother, Daniel McIntosh, the Pastor of Fish Creek Bible Church in Booneville, KY. He has some encouragement for us to consider as we face our struggles today. Thank you for sharing, Daniel. ~VS


A few summers ago, the Christian youth camp where I worked had the theme, "Because of God’s Past Faithfulness, I Can Trust Him for the Future." It was based from Psalm 100:5 - “For the LORD is good; His steadfast love endures forever, and His faithfulness to all generations.” (ESV)

Considering our past and seeing what God has done, where He has taken us, and how He has been with us, we can trust God with all that we go through. 

I recall that Spring we had strong winds bringing much damage; homes losing parts of their roofs; trees destroying property. Yet, God faithfully protected the camp. Trees did not damage the buses lying next the them. Not one dent. No major facility was damaged, including the recently built new chapel and dining room.  God protected, showing His faithfulness. 

Scripture shares many times where God protected and showed faithfulness to those who have trusted Him. Some examples include:

  • Adam and Eve sinned, and God still showed love as He provided clothing and promised a way to reunite mankind back into fellowship with Him. 
  • God used Joseph to inform the king of an upcoming famine, leading to salvation of the twelve Israelite tribes as they did not starve. 
  • Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego trusted God, even to the point of death, and were spared in the flames.
With many examples in Scripture, examine your life.  What has God taken you through?  How has He helped you? 

Hebrews 13:5b encourages us that "God will never leave us, nor forsake us." No matter what is going on in our lives, we can know God is with us. We can trust Him, even in the midst of our struggles, trials and tribulations. 

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” (Heb. 13:8 NKJV).  Because of His past faithfulness, we can always trust Him with anything and everything.

Pastor Daniel McIntosh
Fish Creek Bible Church
Booneville, KY

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