Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Life of a Flower

With Spring under way, we are seeing beautiful flowers popping up all around us. I thought this would be the perfect time to share this little story I wrote in my younger years. Keep in mind as you read it, I am not much of a flower expert, and I don't believe I've ever actually seen a green flower. But, there is a point to the story, I promise. Read through it to the end and you will see what I mean....


Once there was a blue flower that sat all alone in a big field. It was an old flower, yet very beautiful. It had a lot of exciting stories to share with anyone who wanted to listen. But, no one was interested in the old flower's stories. So, there it sat with all it's beauty, neglected and alone.

In another part of the field, there was a little yellow flower. This flower also sat alone, but for different reasons. It was a late bloomer and no one thought it had any value. Everyone who passed by would either ignore it or taunt it. The yellow flower grew very lonely and began to wilt with sorrow.

One day, someone came along and noticed the two flowers. He cared about both of them and decided to do something to help them. Very gently, he uprooted the blue flower, carried it over to the yellow flower, then replanted it. He hoped the two would keep each other company and become close friends.

Right away, the blue flower wanted to become friends and started telling it's stories to the little yellow flower. At first, the yellow flower was skeptical and wondered why something so beautiful wanted anything to do with it. As time went by, the yellow flower became more trusting. Soon, it loved every inch of the blue flower's petals and wanted to hear the same stories over and over again. Yes, the yellow flower finally allowed the blue flower to reach out and touch it's heart. When that happened, the yellow flower changed to a lovely shade of green and began to bloom and grow. The flowers were never alone from that day on.

(Now, go back and read the story again. But, this time, think of the blue flower as being the Bible, God's holy Word.)

-Victoria L. Stankus

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