Monday, August 15, 2011

#3 Refine, #4 Rejuvenate, and #5 Rest

Some people are born organizers. Some are not. I think a lot of it has to do with how we are raised, but I think personalities come into play as well. Regardless of our background or our personalities, it is possible to LEARN how to keep an organized home. The 3rd SESSION of “The Five R’s for Godly Womanhood” speaks directly about this topic. Last month, us Gabby Moms reviewed the first two sessions of this bundle from Lorrie Flem. This month, we delved into the last three sessions...

I think its important to explain here that Lorrie Flem is not a regular “Suzy Homemaker,” as some may call it. Lorrie was the oldest of four children, however, she did not really have a lot of responsibility around the house. Her mother did most of the housework by herself. It wasn’t until after Lorrie was married that she realized a change needed to be made in the way she managed her home. Apparently, she and her husband were visited by police officers one night after hearing a noise in the house, and the officers thought an intruder had “destroyed” the living room. It turns out, the living room was in its normal chaotic state. This was a big eye opener for Lorrie, and she began learning how to make her home more presentable. She also had to learn how to keep it that way without much effort. In this session, Lorrie shares 7 teachings on how to manage a home.

In SESSION 4 of this “Godly Womanhood” bundle, I had to laugh when I heard Lorrie tell of a young father licking mustard off his hand only to find out it was not mustard, but a need for his baby’s diaper change! Ewwww! It makes it all the more funny when I remember a similar event that happened to my husband when HE was a new father. He was holding our baby daughter and noticed the “mustard” on his hand as well, then ran disgustingly to the bathroom to wash up after realizing what it really was. Ha ha! I love that story! At least he didn’t lick it off, like the first guy. But, to move on, this story from Lorrie was told to represent how life brings us unexpected surprises while raising kids. Then, she goes on to explain how RAISING a child is not the same as TRAINING a child, and how the number one problem that comes up in child training is inconsistency. Training children involves a commitment of our time and efforts. In this session, Lorrie touches on several areas of Biblical child training and discipline. It is all very good food for thought.

SESSION 5 lets us know that, even with the most well-behaved  children, the demands of our families can sometimes wear us down physically and spiritually. Are you weak in spirit? Do you feel as if you need a rest from life’s demands? Lorrie believes when our souls are longing for rest, we are actually longing to find solitude at God's feet. Taking a warm bath or spending a night away from home might help for a little while, but it won’t make the real issue at hand go away. Taking a bath will help to refresh our bodies on the outside, but it doesn’t refresh us on the inside. We need the Living Water to do that, and the Word of God. Instead of relying on a bath (or something else) to “wash our blues away,” Lorrie encourages us in this session to give all our stress and worry to the Lord. “Give it up in order to get it all.”

To learn more about “The Five R’s for Godly Womanhood,” or to purchase the full bundle for $24.97, visit the PRODUCT INFORMATION page of Eternal Encouragement Magazine.

And, if you didn't already know, I received The 5 R’s to Godly Womanhood as an official member of The Gabby Moms blogging program. I did not receive compensation for this post and all opinions are solely my own.

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  1. mustard...ewwww...

    but seriously, the reading sounds really good--thanks for sharing about it!

  2. very good I know a lot of moms that would and could use these words of wisdom and encouragement

  3. I loved #3 especially! Great review :)

  4. Great review of a great product!
    God Bless!
    a fellow GM

  5. Very nice review. Lorrie's products are blessings.

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone! :-)

  7. I love how you pointed out that Lorrie comes from the trenches and not the pedestal! Thanks for sharing your review.

  8. hahaha...yes, 2 very funny stories indeed!

    I was surprised by the rest session, still giving that one some thought ;)


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