Tuesday, August 30, 2011

GUEST POST: Just Enough Grace

I want to share an article with you from my new blogging friend, Valerie. She is a pastor's wife, a homeschool mama, and a fellow writer. I recently found her through an article she wrote for Homeschool Enrichment Magazine, and contacted her on her BLOG. Here is her latest post. Thanks for allowing me to share this, Valerie!


2 Corinthians 12:9 - And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

When my husband was 16 years old, he began having severe pain in his lower back. After taking medication for many days with no relief, his parents took him to the doctor. They discovered through ultrasound that one of his kidneys was the size of a basketball. Further tests revealed that a vein had been attached to his ureter since birth. As he grew, the vein grew, finally closing off the ureter so that the kidney could not be emptied. By God's great mercy and blessing, the doctors were able to remove his kidney, repair the problem and then replace the kidney. It now functions normally!

He told me that while he was in the hospital, they gave him a morphine pump. When he needed pain relief, he need only to press a button, and morphine would go into his IV and into his blood stream. He often wanted more than the prescribed amount to relieve the pain from the 12 inch cut they had made in his side. He said, "I would push the button over and over, but it would only release the morphine after a certain amount of time had passed since the last dose had been released." In other words, the medical staff had made it possible for him to get pain relief on demand, but within reason. Obviously, if they had let him take as much as he wanted when he wanted, he could have overdosed and died.

Sometimes, I feel as though I'm not getting any help from the Lord, I'm not getting any "pain relief". Then I realize that I'm borrowing trouble, I'm fretting over something that may or may not happen. In those times, I don't need any grace, I need to re-focus. I need to stop worrying! He gives me the grace I need, when I need it. I may want grace for tomorrow, but I don't get it, not until tomorrow comes. I get the grace I need for today, for my current problem. Then tomorrow, I'll get the grace I need for that time. Day by day, moment by moment, I receive the help and strength that I need. Not a moment too soon, and not a moment too late. Right on time.

Just when life gets unbearable in the present, I cry out - I press the "pump"- and guess what? I receive the relief I need. He sends me an encouraging email or card from a friend. He allows me an up-close look at His amazing Hummingbird. He helps me to see the many blessings I've overlooked. He reminds me of the heroes of the Bible. For instance, when I feel forsaken, I remember how Hagar felt the same way after Sarah forced her to leave. She was ready to die, but God saw her and He took care of her.(Gen.21:14-19) God knows where I am, too. He will take care of me.

And in the process, I can boldly say with Paul, "His grace is sufficient!"


  1. Oh, wow, I must have found another blog of yours earlier! :) I'm following this one now, too. Thanks for sharing my post, I'm delighted that it was a blessing to someone.

  2. Yes, Valerie, the other blog was our homeschooling blog. This is the one I wanted to share your article on. Thankyou!


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