Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Why Focus on Christian Ministries?

Those who follow my blog have probably noticed the theme I have been focusing on since this past Summer up until now. Every Monday, I have been introducing a different Bible-believing, Christian ministry. Let me share with you the reasons for this current theme.
1.  These posts are easy for me to write about ahead of time, then schedule them to be posted on Monday mornings. It helps save me time, and helps me be more consistent about posting on a weekly basis.

2.  Introducing various ministries can help us to know who/what is "out there." It makes us aware of what various ministries offer, allowing us to take part in their services, if interested.
3.  As Christians, we need to be supporting each other - especially in our ministries. So, these posts give us suggestions for volunteer work, give us ideas of who we can make donations to if we don't already give to a ministry, and/or tells us how we can pray for these ministries.
That's about it! So, if you know of a ministry you would like me to mention on one of my posts, I would be open to suggestions.  Feel free to send me an E-MAIL and let me know about it. 

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