Saturday, February 9, 2013

20 Songs That Encourage Me

Here is a list of 20 various songs (in no particular order) that you can watch on You Tube. These have been a great encouragement to me in the past and present. I wanted to share them with you. On the days when you are weary or discouraged, take some time to watch one, two, or several of these (or, if you don't like these, pick a few of your own favorites). It is amazing how much music can say just what you are feeling, and can be such a blessing to your spirit and/or a prayer from you to the Lord...


  1. Live on my Gaither mucis

    1. Yes, Gaithers are great, Cindy! I know how much you like them. :)

  2. Several of those have spoke to my heart in low times as well:)

    ~Jody Dowell

  3. Is it a great blog for you?


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