Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Mountain is Steep, But I Just Hold His Hand

In my previous post, I mentioned how the 3rd treatment side effects were treating me much nicer this time around. While that is still the case (for the most part), I have had a harder time with fatigue. It should be gone by now, but its not. Its lingering. And I'm tired (physically and emotionally) of being tired.

I'm just being "real" here when I say I want this to end. I want my energy back. I want my life to get back to somewhat of a normal. But I know I've got a long way to go.

So, I press onward... walking the path God has placed before me... facing the mountain of discouragement and trying not to let it bring me down. I MUST press onward, as I know that persevering through this trial will make me stronger in the end.

Photo by:  James D. McIntosh, Sr.
So, I will praise the Lord for this journey I am on. He is there, holding my hand and helping me through it. This was confirmed again to me this morning when I was drawn to browse our church website and began listening to some of the special music that had been recorded in previous weeks. One Sunday in January, our friend Kent sang a song that I had never heard until today. Its a song by Del Way called "I JUST HOLD HIS HAND." How appropriate for my blog in general, but even much more appropriate for this journey I am currently on. Here are the lyrics:

When I don’t know how, and I don’t know why.
When the mountain’s so tall I can’t see the other side.
When there seems to be no way, and I don’t understand,
I just hold His hand, I just hold His hand.

He will lead me and guide me along my way,
He will keep me and hide me, safe in His grace.
When I can’t, thank God He still can.
So, I just hold His hand, I just hold His hand.

When the nights are long, and the valley is low,
When the going gets rough, traveling this road.

When I’m searching for strength, and I need help to stand,
I just hold His hand. I just hold His hand.

Precious Jesus hold my hand, I need thee every hour.
Precious Jesus help me stand, Lord keep me by your power.
Oh Lord, lead me and guide me along my way,
Keep me and hide me, safe in Your grace.
When I can’t, I know you still can,
So I just hold your hand, I’ll just hold your hand.

Thankyou, Lord, for bringing encouragement when its needed. Thankyou for holding our hands and helping us through the difficult times.


  1. Lovely....He is our true strength and hope isn't He. Thank God we have the Lord; especially when we face these long trials.
    May God grant you much strength now. In the Name Above all Names--Jesus!

  2. Lovely words and image. I'm thankful for you and for how the Lord speaks through these times of trials.


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