Monday, March 24, 2014

"I Like Giving" by Brad Formsma (Book Review)

I LIKE GIVING by Brad Formsma is a book based on the website by the same name: Both the website and the book include many stories about GIVING, that help inspire all of us to make a difference in others lives - and how age or money does not need to limit us!

Here is an example of one of the stories in video form:


The book is the written form of the stories. It has twelve chapters which share inspiring stories, but also includes personal experiences from FORMSMA as he shares his journey to living a more generous life. You can click below to read the first chapter: 


Here are some good quotes from the book:

"Joy doesn't come from filling your life with stuff. Joy comes from giving your life away." (p. 20)

"Giving is living, and when you start living generously, you'll be ruined for any other type of life." (p. 26)

"Did you know that giving actually has measurable health benefits and can help you live longer?" (p.67)

"Sometimes the giving that makes the least amount of sense brings the most joy." (p. 76)

"Giving is something you get to do, not something you've got to do. Giving promotes life and happiness. In fact, I've never met an angry and bitter generous person."  (p. 97)

"Every time we give, a story begins, and the rippling effects of one simple act are immeasurable." (p.195)

To go along with the "I LIKE" theme....

I LIKE hearing inspiring stories.

I LIKE receiving practical ideas on how to give to others.

I LIKE listening to the Lord's prompting to help make a difference in someone's life.

I LIKE giving.

Pick up a copy of the book when you get a chance! I received my copy FREE from Blogging For Books for review purposes, and I have expressed my own opinions about it.

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