Friday, February 27, 2015

Update on EL's Bladder Issues

It has been a LONG wait to get EL in to see a Pediatric Urologist, but we finally saw one this week for her BLADDER ISSUES.  I previously mentioned I would give an update after we had seen the Urologist but, for privacy sake, I won't go into all the details here. I will tell you that we ended up spending a good amount of time in the Urology department and, after having several painless tests done, we finally have a plan of action to help with EL's frequent need to use the bathroom.

Thankfully, all the tests showed normal kidneys and bladder, and there is nothing seriously wrong. It will just take some time to get things back to where they should be. We will follow up with the Urology department in one month to let them know how things are going and, hopefully, that will be the end of it.

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