Sunday, March 29, 2015

Encouragement Challenge #13: Remain True

I was a young, 20-year-old college student when I wrote the following poem. I remember feeling alone, I remember feeling like God had left me to fend for myself. But, God had not left me. He was teaching me to seek Him, and to listen for His voice.

By: Victoria L. Stankus

I was alone tonight.
I needed God.
God was there.
He was there all along.
But, I didn't take time for Him.
That's why I was alone.
And, I needed God.
And, when I called to God,
God was there.
So, I cried to God.
I couldn't cry before.
I was frustrated and helpless.
I needed God.
God was there.
I asked for forgiveness.
I had neglected Him.
I asked Him not to leave me.
He would never leave me.

God was there.
He'll always be there.
He'll always care.

In Acts 11, Barnabas encouraged a growing church in Antioch to remain true to the Lord. I think, in a world where God seems to be disappearing, and more and more Christians are feeling distant from Him, we need to continue to encourage each other to remain true - to stand firm in our faith, and be loyal to the only One who can give us the strength to keep going.

For this week's challenge, consider sharing an encouraging article or video with someone who might be feeling distant from the Lord. Here are some ideas. Just click on the title to be taken to the site of interest: 

BIBLE.ORG ARTICLE:  When God Seems Distant
Short excerpt from this article: The test of your faith is not when God’s presence is real, when you see God at work in your life. The real test of your faith is when God seems distant. Do you seek Him then? If you seek Him, you will find Him, but if you turn to the world or look for a quick fix for your problems without seeking God, you won’t find Him. Seek God especially when He seems distant.

Short excerpt from this article: In our walk as born-again believers, it may seem that God is silent, but God is never silent. What looks like silence and inactivity to us is God allowing us the opportunity to listen to "the still small voice" and to see the provisions that He has made for us by faith.
Quote from A.W. Tozer, mentioned in this video: "Every man is as close to God as he wants to be."

Short excerpt from this video: When God is silent, He wants us to learn to distinguish HIS voice.


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