Sunday, June 14, 2015

Encouragement Challenge #24: Spend Time with Your Children

Children's Day in the United States is not an official holiday. However, since 2007, the governor of Illinois has proclaimed “Children’s Day” to be the second Sunday in June. Other cities in Illinois, Colorado, and Washington have also issued these proclamations. It is a day set aside, like Mother's Day and Father's Day, to give faith, hope, love, and commitment to our children.

Set aside some time this week to spend time with your children. Do something you and your child  both enjoy doing together, remind them that you love them and show them that love. Most important, remind them that God loves them.

Some ideas to do with your child:
  • Go bowling, swimming, boating, camping, fishing, hunting, play miniature golf, or do whatever sport your child likes to do.
  • Go to the park and have a picnic
  • Have a movie night at home with popcorn and pizza
  • Play a game together - indoors or outdoors

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