Sunday, July 31, 2016

Look Out... for the Interests of Others

The word of the week is PURPOSEFUL
:  having a clear intention or aim

A Christian brother mentioned in church last Sunday about how we often don’t realize how much people think or care about us until we are noticeably going through a difficult time. But, what about when our struggles aren’t quite as noticeable? Some of us are more vocal than others about the challenges we are facing, but I believe EVERYONE is going through something that could use the prayers and support of others. So, don’t you think we should be looking out for each other on a regular basis, for ways to lift each other up (encourage each other), even when our struggles aren’t quite as evident?

I would like to challenge you, for at least this week, to be PURPOSEFUL about looking out for those you come in contact with. 
  • If you see someone working hard and/or doing a good job at something - whether they are in the spotlight or behind the scenes - make it a point to send them a quick note of thanks, or compliment them personally about their work. 
  • If you see someone who isn't smiling - make it a point to let them know you care and give them something to smile about (maybe share an encouraging Bible verse with them). 
  • If you see someone who is smiling - make it a point to return the smile, give them a hug, or find some way to compliment or encourage them. Even though they are smiling, you don't always know what kinds of struggles they are facing, and your encouragement could be the blessing they are longing for. 
In other words, make it a goal of yours to notice people around you, and then act on encouraging them in some way, even if there is no outward evidence that they are going through a struggle. Look out... for the interests of others.

If you need to, you can write out the verse above and put it in a place where you will see it every day this week. It will be a reminder to be purposeful about encouragement - because life is hard and we ALL need to know there are people who care.

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