Sunday, November 20, 2016

Thankful for ALL My Memories

The word of the week is THANKFUL
: feeling or expressing gratitude; appreciative

Something I enjoy doing in my spare time (besides writing for my blog) is de-cluttering and organizing things around the house. These past few weeks, with my husband working a lot of hours, I have kept myself busy by taking on the task of cleaning out and organizing all of our family photos - not digital photos, but actual paper ones. We had so many pictures scattered in different boxes, photo albums, and envelopes that I thought it was time to put them all together in order, by years and then by months. I decided to put them into cute photo boxes I found on sale at Walmart. Then, when I am done with this project, I will eventually pick out some of our favorite photos and combine them into a couple different photo albums. The rest will remain in the boxes and will be easy to find when we need them, or when we want to look at them.

I have noticed this project has taken a lot longer than it could have, and that’s because, as I have gone through the photos, I have done a LOT of reminiscing. I have seen pictures of me growing up, David and me before and after we were married, our first homes, our first cars, our babies and how they have grown through the years, fun vacations, special events, and also some events that weren’t so fun to go through (such as a fire, a hailstorm, and several funerals).

As I look at the pictures, I see how my memories (my past circumstances) have helped to shape my life - through the good times and the sad. So, I appreciate all the memories I have been given. Of course, I love all the happy memories best, but I have chosen to be thankful for ALL of my memories, because memories - good and bad - are a part of who I once was, a part of who I am now, and a part of who I am striving to become. Memories are a gift from God that should never be taken for granted.

Consider the memories you have been given, and be thankful (appreciative) for them all, giving thanks to God for everything He has brought you through.

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