Sunday, December 18, 2016


Our friend, Janice (and also a family member on David's side), has fond memories of the Christmas she became engaged to her husband, Chuck. They were at Chuck's mother's house and Jan says:

"I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting it. I also remember that quite a few people were there, including a [family] nobody knew. They were traveling and got stranded near Chuck’s mother’s house. They stayed overnight on Christmas eve, and I think Christmas night also."
Chuck & Janice on their Wedding Day

On the same topic of engagement, I remember Christmas in 1991 when David came with me for the first time to spend Christmas with my family. It wasn't too cold that year because I remember going for a walk around Grandma's neighborhood on Christmas Eve. Grandma, Mom and I were walking ahead of Dad and David. I remember my mom asking why David didn't stay to spend Christmas with his family, and I told her it was because David wanted to have a talk with Dad. So, as we walked, we were letting the guys talk alone. I knew what was going on - David was asking my dad if he would agree to David and I getting married. He was asking for Dad's blessing. I knew this because, a few days before Christmas, David had asked me if it was okay for him to have that talk with my dad. I said yes. So, I guess you could say we were "unofficially engaged" at that time.

And, yes, Dad gave his blessing!

Mom, Dad, Grandma, David and Me - Christmas Day 1991


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