Sunday, January 21, 2018

TRUST #2: My Unexplained Pain

Several months ago, I started having some mild pain in my left side/upper abdomen (spleen, kidney, rib cage area). I waited awhile to see if it would go away, but it didn’t. So, I went to see my doctor about it. He wasn't certain what it was, so he ran some tests to rule out a few things, and all the tests came back normal. I was told to call back if the pain did not go away, and they would do a CT Scan to check for kidney stones or other issues.

I ended up waiting until after the holidays to call back, then finally had the CT on January 4th. A few days later, the nurse called with results and said I don’t have any kidney stones, or gall stones, and they couldn't see anything else alarming either - no masses or cysts or anything like that. I do seem to have an enlarged appendix but, thankfully, I have no other symptoms along with it. So, I guess I'm a mystery. I also mentioned my pain to my Oncologist at my recent 6-month checkup. He was not concerned, especially since all of my labs were good. He said it is probably muscle related. So, if things don't improve, I may need to head over to the Chiropractor to get things checked out with him. Time will tell.

I must say, when I started having this pain, I was rather nervous about what it could be from. I often thought, What if my cancer has returned? And, as I thought more about it, along with all the “What if’s,” I noticed I was becoming more anxious. So, I had to make the choice to take my anxiety to the Lord in prayer. As I shared my heart with Him, these are the words I kept hearing back:

  • TRUST in the One who knows all.
  • Don’t lean on your own understanding. 
  • TRUST that I will take care of you.
  • TRUST that I will take care of your family.

It was hard to do, but I knew I had to put my faith into action. I had to willingly give up the anxious thoughts I was having and place my TRUST in my Heavenly Father.

TRUST is believing that, no matter what the outcome is, God is there to work out the details and help us through it.


  1. Thank you. I know it's over a year later, but I just found this blog. I just had a stroke and I m a type A person. I have been battling the "what if's"
    God is good and He is faithful. Your blog helped me to remember His faithfulness, know matter what. In every situation, let go of control and let Him lead. Blessings, and thanks

    1. I am glad you were encouraged to remember God's faithfulness. That is what this post, and this entire blog, is mainly about. Thank you for sharing your comment. It is encouraging to me. God bless!


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