Sunday, October 21, 2018

TRUST #37: Selah "Lord I Trust You"

Todd Smith is one of the vocalists in the Christian group, Selah. He says, "This song was inspired by believers in persecution who are standing for the name of Jesus even when it costs them their lives." However, it is a great song for all of us to be reminded that our God is God, through the good times and the hard times. TRUSTING in Him is a choice we need to make, regardless of joy or loss.

Co-written by Todd Smith and Travis Ryan

Verse1:  It may not seem I have what it will take
I fear that in the face of trial I'll break
Any trouble's just a day away

Verse 2:  The best to worst of days are yet to come
Be glorified regardless of the cost
Be magnified whether joy or loss
Lord, I trust You

Lord, You are life inside the fire
Lord, You are the grace that rises higher
Oh, there will never be
A day that You are not with me
Oh Lord, I trust You

Verse 3:  I believe but help my unbelief
Help me go wherever You will lead
Do with me whatever You would please
Lord, I trust You


Bridge:  I can't find the strength to pray
All seems lost and it's too late, oh-ohh
I cannot fear what comes my way
Find me faithful in the day, oh-ohh
'Cause the only hope I have is You will be enough


Oh Lord, I trust, You

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