Tuesday, March 2, 2021

REVIEW: Cubekins (Faith-based Cartoon Series for Children)

CUBEKINS is a new Dove-approved-for-all-ages, family-friendly animated series geared for children ages 3-8. Created by two homeschooling dads and their families, it is a wholesome, faith-based show,  set in a small town (think Andy Griffith's "Mayberry"), and has many of the same characteristics as the Veggie Tales series. The main character is an active, seven-year-old boy named Kip who is exploring the ever-changing world around him, while learning more about our never-changing God.  

I watched Episode 1:  Invasion of the Cubecumber with my adult, special-needs daughter. Her favorite show at the moment is "Remy & Boo" on Universal Kids, and honestly prefers that show over Cubekins. However, she did enjoy watching it. The show's colorful characters, and the songs, are what made it most appealing to her. She said she would watch it again. I, personally, thought the animation was a little peculiar at first with the characters being in the shape of cubes; but I quickly realized the shape is what makes the show unique from other animated shows. The story-line is creative, and I appreciate the inclusion of faith, prayer, and good family values. I also enjoyed the catchy songs. 

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You can rent/buy the first episode on the CUBEKINS WEBSITE, or other streaming platforms (such as God Tube, Vimeo, Christian Cinema, Redeem TV, Amazon Prime, and Salt Flix).

On the website, you can also sign up to be a Fan Member and receive exclusive content, such as a printable coloring book, bonus videos, and a full-color "Kip Loves God" Reader.

GIVEAWAY:  One winner via random drawing will receive a digital link to view one episode of this new show. If you are subscribed to this blog through e-mail or Facebook, you will automatically receive one entry in the drawing. For an additional entry (whether subscribed or not), leave a comment by Saturday, March 6th, 6:00 p.m. Central Time. If your name is selected, I will contact you through e-mail and/or Messenger, and you will have 24 hours to respond before I select a different name. (You must live in North America).

WINNER:  Kelly R.

DISCLOSURE: Many thanks to Brainy Pixel for providing a sample of this series in exchange for this review and post. Opinions are 100% my own and NOT influenced by monetary compensation. 



  1. I suspect the cube people were inspired by Minecraft and similar games. They do look a bit freaky at first glance, but then so do Minecraft characters.

    1. I hadn't thought about that! My kids never got into Minecraft, so I guess that's why it didn't cross my mind.

  2. Actually, the cube-shaped characters were created because cubes are one of the easiest thing to create in 3D...we were trying to keep the show easy and quick to create, and yet still develop a distinctive style. :) However, as you can see, the cube characters quickly became "cuboid", as Finn tells us. :) - I'm the show's writer, BTW, and one of it's producers. Thanks so much for the review and the discussion. :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and for the clarification on the shapes! I appreciate your efforts in making wholesome, faith and value-based entertainment for children.


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