Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Family Service Opportunities

Are you looking for Summer getaway ideas for you and your family? Why not consider a short-term ministry opportunity? See below for two different organizations looking for volunteers.

Note:  I know of one family who recently returned home from a trip to Voice of the Martyrs, and am looking forward to hearing about their experiences there. If she shares on her blog, I will be sure to direct you to it. In the meantime, read the descriptions below and, if you would like more information, click on the name of the organization to be directed to their volunteer page.

Bartlesville, OK

Short-term volunteers (including families of various ages) work at the Operations Center doing various tasks. They fold, count, sort, stack, stuff, shrink wrap and sticker, just to name a few. This area is clean and climate controlled. Volunteers are seated while they work. There are a few other jobs that require standing and lifting. This is to be determined by the individual volunteer and the work schedule.

VOM does have furnished housing available to volunteers that work an average of 5 hours/day for every night in the VOM housing. The housing has all bed linens, a working kitchen, and living and dining areas. Housing is subject to availability.

~ ~ ~

San Antonio, TX

Staff and volunteers are responsible for the preparation, packing, and shipping of materials for class operation. Preparation involves filling orders and assembling materials, manuals and forms. All of these items, including the lessons, are packed and shipped to classes around the world.

Volunteers include anyone who is interested in participating in the ministry of BSF. Volunteers must be 13-years-old to serve in the Hertzler Press, and 16-years-old to serve in the kitchen. Teenagers must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult.

· Volunteers may serve in the press from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Monday-Friday.
· Volunteers may serve for half days or whole days, depending on their schedules. Each day includes two (20-minute) breaks for rest and fellowship as well as a one-hour lunch break. First-time volunteers will be scheduled to take a tour of headquarters from 1-2 p.m.
· Please contact the volunteer coordinator at least one month in advance to schedule your visit.

Housing is available on campus for only $10-$15 per person per night, with certain other requirements. Others choose to find hotel rooms on their own off-campus, depending on schedules and other needs.

~ ~ ~

I would love to hear from anyone who has already volunteered at one of these places with your family, or if you know of any other great service opportunities that are not listed here! Please feel free to e-mail me:  HERE 



  1. Thanks for mentioning VOM Vickie! LIFE CHANGING an honor to serve.
    We are now area directors for VOM as well, got to meet with some of the main executives this past week.
    Just a blessing. They supply you with a plush apartment that can sleep 7. All u need to bring are towels.
    Get amazing breaks, my youngest like working so she could go to break.
    Wonderful people to work for and with.

  2. I haven't worked as a volunteer at BSF Headquarters, but I attended training there several times (I was a Teaching Leader for 5 years) and I must say that the volunteers at headquarters made a significant contribution. I remember each of them as happy, happy people! They added extra blessings to those of us in full time ministry with BSF.

    Hooray for you for encouraging volunteers!



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