Thursday, January 24, 2013

My Cancer Journey - Part 1: Finding A Lump

For quite some time now, the door to any truly "personal" blog writing, on my part, has been closed. I’m not exactly sure why, although I’m beginning to think it was partly due to my needing to focus my energies on the needs of my family, as well as refocusing my thoughts on growing closer to the Lord and learning a few things from Him.

After praying about it, I feel the Lord is opening the door again to my writing, so that I can share with you about a journey my family and I have been on since September 2012 - My Cancer Journey. While my story may not be relevant to all of you reading this, my prayer is that it will be helpful to at least a few (including myself, because writing can be very therapeutic). But, please know that its not just a story about the Big C, but rather about my Lord and how HE has been there holding my hand the entire time. In that sense, it can be relevant to anyone who is undergoing any kind of personal struggle. So, feel free to follow along as I share this journey with you...

Our newest life journey began in mid September. It was a Wednesday morning and, for whatever reason, I decided to do a lump check in my breast. I had not been doing regular self-checks, and the last time I remember it being done was by my gynecologist at least a year prior. I remember she had not felt anything unusual at that time, so I decided to forego the recommended yearly mammogram. As time went by, I received at least two reminders that it was time for my mammogram. I still ignored them. But, then, I found the lump. It was actually more like a thickened area on the upper portion on the right side. It didn’t feel right, whatever it was. So, I decided to go ahead and schedule my next mammogram. It took me two days to finally get the nerve to call, and they were able to get me in that same day.

It was just a routine mammogram screening, although it was not fun to be squished in a machine. However, the hardest part came next with waiting for the results. Since it was done on a Friday, I had to wait over the weekend. They did not call on Monday either, but finally called on Tuesday. They said they wanted me to come back in for more pictures of the right side, as well as for an ultrasound. They didn’t want to alarm me, but just wanted to get a better look at the lump. They happened to have an opening for that same afternoon, so I took it. I dropped the kids off with friends and headed in for a 1:30 appointment. Honestly, that call freaked me out at first. It’s normal, I guess, to think the worst. But, it was really too soon to know anything. So, I chose to "cast" all my anxieties on the Lord...

1Peter 5:6-7 Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety upon Him, because He cares for you. (NASB)

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  1. I want to follow you and your story. I think it is good to share such things and who knows what God is doing with your words! Cancer is something I always fear for, since it is in our family. Warm greetings and blessings. He holds your Right hand. xxx

    1. Thanks, Jedidja. Please keep a close watch on yourself.

  2. So many are being blessed by this living testimony of Jesus being with you in the fire.

  3. Hello! I found you on one of the blog hops. I am praying for you and am following now. We have a cancer story also.

    1. Thanks for following, Sylvia! I stopped by your blog also and noticed your sweet 14-year-old daughter with autism. Mine is 14 also. God bless you, and I am following your blog now also.

  4. Your mother has been thinking of you all day. So have I.
    You are in our care and prayer.


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