Wednesday, May 22, 2013

CANCER JOURNEY #21: Lasix, Lymphedema & Low Blood Cells

Here are some updates:

(1)  The Oncologist put me on a low dose of Lasix to help release some excess fluids I've been hanging onto. It has been working well.

(2)  On Monday, I saw a Physical Therapist that specializes in Lymphedema. She said, we caught it early, so the only treatment I need at this time is to wear a compression arm-sleeve on my right arm. With consistent use, the Lymphedema could reverse itself over time.

(3)  Tuesday was chemo day. My husband was out of town at a conference. I missed having him along, but my friend DANEILLE agreed to go with me to treatment. It was good to have her along.

(4)  My new port in my left arm is still too swollen and sore to access. So, the nurses used a vein in my wrist again. This makes the third week in a row for vein use, and the 2nd week in a row that the new port could not be used. I'm beginning to wonder if it was worth it to even have a new port installed.

(5)  My Hemoglobin levels are beginning to go back up, but the White Blood Cells are going down again. This week, they are at 2.6 (3.9 and higher is the norm). But, the doctor said, out of the various WBC's, the ones that help keep infection/illness away are still within normal range. They are currently in the 1600's, and it doesn't become super dangerous until they get to 1000 or less. But, I still need to be careful.

(6) I only have 4 more treatments to go. I think I am finally beginning to see that finish line, and I am soooo ready to be done!

Thankyou for all the thoughts and prayers coming my way!

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  1. My eyes were opened in so many ways attending the chemo with you. I have been in every section of a hospital, but not the chemotherapy unit. [Of course yours is a clinic.]
    My heart melted when I observed all the patients sitting in their recliners receiving their treatments ... people of all ages.
    Then I glanced at my sweet small pale, eyes shut as she sleeps lightly through her treatment.
    It amazes the journey we all take in life, where we go...our attitude through out and the strength He gives day by day.


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