Sunday, May 5, 2013

What I Remember About Grandma

Three weeks ago today, my 93-year-old grandmother was getting ready for church and fell. She broke her hip and ended up in the hospital awaiting surgery. One week later, she passed away. The Memorial Service was held last weekend and many family and friends gathered to remember this special lady.

Let me tell you a little bit about what I remember about her, and what made her so special to ME...

I REMEMBER her working as a Surgical Technician at the hospital for 20 years. She was trained on the job and worked the early shift.

I REMEMBER after she retired from the hospital, she couldn’t sit still and do nothing, so she worked as a Nanny for several years, worked as a hostess at McDonald’s, and worked at a steakhouse called Maverick’s. Every place she worked she was well-loved and appreciated.

I REMEMBER going bowling with her at different times when I came to visit. She was on a league for many years and enjoyed it very much.

I REMEMBER her love of feeding ducks at the pond.

I REMEMBER how she loved going to garage sales to find a bargain. She found and collected many different stuffed animals, ducks of any kind, salt & pepper shakers, oil lamps, and other little knick knacks.

I REMEMBER her hospitality, how she welcomed anyone into her home, and how she always had cans of soda pop in the pantry for guests that would show up.

I REMEMBER her sweet tooth, and how she always had M&M’s or other chocolate candies lying around and ready to share. She also liked Jelly Beans.

I REMEMBER her generosity - always willing to give to anyone, always wanting to pay for gas money or for lunch.

I REMEMBER how much she loved fried chicken (especially the wings), and also fresh garden tomatoes.

I REMEMBER sharing a bedroom with her when we came to visit, and how her snoring was about as loud as the trains behind her house.

I REMEMBER her alarm clock blaring at 4:00 a.m. with the music from WFMB - she was a Country girl at heart.

I REMEMBER how she always got up early on Sunday mornings to go make coffee at church.

I REMEMBER her animals. At different times, she had a couple different dogs, several cats, and a couple of parakeets. They kept her company and she loved them.

I REMEMBER her adventurous spirit, always willing to try something new, including jumping on a trampoline at the age of 73.

I REMEMBER her playfulness and how she was not afraid to fight for her spoon in a card game we played called "Spoons." 

I REMEMBER her sense of humor, her smile, and her laugh. She loved life, despite the hardships she endured.

I REMEMBER going for walks around her neighborhood, and walks to the local Dairy Queen. It was always okay to go get an ice cream cone since we were "walking it off" on the way home.

I REMEMBER wanting to be like her when I grew up. In some ways, I know I am like her. That makes me happy, because she was an inspiration to me in so many ways. I miss her, but I know I’ll see her again someday... and, when I do, instead of walking with her to DQ, I know we’ll be walking together on streets of gold.

My brother made this video in memory of Grandma. Her favorite song was "Because He Lives."

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My husband, David, officiated a funeral yesterday for a friend from church. For the graveside service, he wrote a poem that I think is a good prayer regarding the death of a loved one:

Father in Heaven,
You know our pain,
You know our sorrow,
And we place our hope
In You for tomorrow.
May You be our comfort,
Our guiding light,
As we lay our head down
Every night.

Go with us now,
As we leave this place,
Til in glory we behold
Your face.


  1. Thanks David, very nice and oh so true. I am saving it for the future.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sorry the days slipped by and I missed sending you a card, so will instead publish it to the world.


  2. Thanks Vicky.
    David, you are a good writer.

  3. A COMMENT FROM MY BROTHER: Thank you for sharing. Some great times and fine memories! Both you and Dave shared some good words.

  4. A COMMENT FROM SHARON (DAVID'S MOM): It is so beautiful and touching. I cried again as I watched the video. Your family is truly blessed to have had a Grandma and Grandpa that loved and served the Lord. Did not know David was a poet. That was well done.


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