Sunday, July 27, 2014

VACATION Part 2 - Eastern Kentucky

After leaving Louisville, KY, we drove to
Eastern KY to visit my brother and his family.
It was our first time at their house.
Cousins hanging out together

Preacher Bill came to give us tips on ventriloquism.
You can learn more about him and his ministry at:

We spent an afternoon at YOUTH HAVEN BIBLE CAMP
where my brother and his family are raising support to become
full-time missionaries at.

Family picture at the camp

Horses at the camp

Taking a trail hike at the camp

A view from "The Point"
which can be seen at the top of the trail.

J.J. and J.D. on the paddle boats

David and R.A. on the paddle boats

We went to church on Sunday morning where
David and my nieces did a puppet performance

Leaving Eastern KY and heading to Bowling Green
(Mammoth Cave area)

Some tired-out kids here.
We all had a great time!

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