Saturday, July 26, 2014

VACATION Part 1 - Louisville, KY

Even though we had some difficult moments on our vacation this year, we also had some fun times as a family, and are glad we had the chance to go. Here are pictures from our time in Louisville, KY...
On the road from Grandma & Grandpa Mac's (in the St. Louis area)
to Louisville, KY, where we stayed for one night.
Going through a tunnel in Kentucky
Entering Louisville
Eating dinner at Denny's

Downtown Louisville

A visit to Glassworks
A demonstration of glass blowing at Glassworks.
Quick Review:  This was an interesting stop, however, in our opinion,
the cost was not worth what we saw. We went on a self-guided tour
and viewed glass blowing in two different locations.
It came to about $5.00 per person. Any hands-on activities
were an additional price, which were also costly. 
We were there for less than an hour.
Leaving Louisville, it was raining,
but the hills and rocks were amazing to us flat-landers.


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