Sunday, November 1, 2015

Encouragement Challenge #36 - GUEST Daneille Snowden - Keep Giving!

This week's ENCOURAGEMENT CHALLENGE comes from my friend, Daneille Snowden. She has some wonderful suggestions for giving to others, even when you don't think you have anything to give. Thank you, Daneille, for allowing me to share this today...


Money is most definitely tight these days; and for some the belt is quite snug! [Wink] But, no matter who you are: a child, parent, single mom, single dad, elderly, jobless or your budget is tied up in shoelaces - YOU STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO GIVE!  

Deuteronomy 16:17 - "Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you." 

Tangible gifts are fun, yes? I like to receive them and give them as I am able. Yet, I will share with you that the gifts I treasure the most, are the one's from the heart; that were either words written on a paper from my husband and children, as well as home made crafty gifts from others. They seem to touch the deepest part of my soul and the gifts I truly treasure.

Allow me to share with you some ideas for you as the giver to give; even when your pockets are empty. 
1) A Letter / Poem that conveys your heart and care for the particular individual.

2) Love Tokens: Made of scrap materials such as wood, cloth or paper. On them you can write things like, "This is good for a walk in the park." Another can be for a cup of tea, etc...

3) Make a homemade card.

4) Do you have flowers in your yard, like roses and such? Dry them for potpourri; make sachets; or just cut some and give as a gift.

5) I have plants: I root new growths and start a new plant. Give a plant with a special note.

6) Food is a winner! Bake some cookies, zucchini bread, or a pie.

7) Clean their yard, or house for them.

8) Offer to babysit their children.

9) Listen, just listen - don't talk about you; let them just share their heart.

10) Make a prayer journal for them; and tell them that they are listed in your prayer journal too.

11) Design on your computer nifty scripture posters. If you can't do that; make them with crafts you have on hand.

12) Give your person a night off from cooking and prepare the meal.

13) Make a DVD of pictures of your friendship, or family whatever you know they would treasure.

14) Give a backrub (preferably if it's someone in your family).

15) Fix a picnic and go enjoy at a nice park or in the back yard.

16) Can you draw? My daughter is an artist; she has drawn portraits for people. If not, you can take a picture, print it out and frame it. I always have old frames around the house. Plus, you can make cute frames with just about anything.

17) Can ya sew? A cute handbag, or a pillow that is uniquely from you is a treasure.

18) Sing, sing a song! Especially to grandparents, uncles & aunts...etc.

19) Left-overs? Take a meal to a neighbor or someone you know would not just appreciate but need a thoughtful gesture.

20) Just think, what makes you as unique as you are. That is who the people in your life love; use that special character trait to share your heart to everyone.

21) Pray for people, and tell others about God's Love for them. It truly is the best gift of all, and it cost His Son His life!

I sure hope this helps ya out, and encourages you to give and give some more!

Lord bless,

Read more from Daneille over at: SNOWDEN WITH THE FAM'  


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