Sunday, September 30, 2018

TRUST #34: Do Not Worry About Tomorrow

My niece, Carolyn, and I have occasionally been corresponding the "old fashioned" way - via physical letters sent through the post office. She is a 3rd year student at Moody Bible Institute this year, and she wrote to me shortly before returning to classes this Fall. I asked her if I could share a portion of her letter, and she agreed.

In this portion of her letter, Carolyn shares one of the ways the Lord has taught her to let go of her worries and TRUST in Him: 
It has been an amazing and growing experience being at Moody! I've loved it so much! One thing God really emphasized during last year at Moody was TRUSTING Him, and processing my emotions. He taught me how to breathe, name off everything that was worrying me or weighing me down, literally count them on my hands, then let go of them, exhale, and say "I give 'such and such' to You. I TRUST You." That has been amazing!

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