Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ways to Encourage #5 - Ten Ideas for Social Networking

If you have a Facebook account, Twitter, or are part of any other kind of social networking site, post something positive and encouraging for others to read.

I have seen many different kinds of encouraging posts. Here are a few ideas you can try:
1.  Post something you are thankful for (And, you don't have to do this only during the days prior to the Thanksgiving holiday!)

2.  Post a Bible verse that spoke to you.

3.  Post a favorite quote that is encouraging. (My brother posts quite often about the sweet or funny things his 4-year-old son says.)

4.  Share a clean, funny joke.

5.  Post a favorite You Tube video - something funny or something inspirational.

6.  Share a link from some other site that directs others to an encouraging article.
7.  Wish your friends a happy birthday, anniversary, or any other special occasion. 
8. If someone posts that they are having a hard day (or they ask for prayer), post under their comment that you are thinking of them and/or praying for them. 

9.  Share an answer to prayer that you have had. 

10.  Every day, choose one of your "friends" to pray for, then send them a note telling them you did.


  1. Hi, I especially like #10. I never thought of picking random Facebook friends to pray for. Thanks for the good idea!


  2. Hi Vickie! I appreciate these ideas, especially #10! I think I'll try that!
    In regard to your question about the .com, I did pay for it. I purchased the domain for $10 a year through Google. Since it is through Google, everything automatically changed over from Blogger to the new domain name. It's the easiest blog transition I've ever made! I used to own through a hosting company. It cost me $60 a year! This is much easier and nicer. Hope that helps. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thanks, Valerie. I will check into that!


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