Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ways to Encourage #7: Send a “care package”

A "care package" is a box of various items that can be sent to just about anyone, and at any time. They are  meant to be sent specifically to show someone you are thinking of them, and that you care.

When I was a college student, my mother would send a care package every so often. She would include things I could use, such as peanut butter, pens and pencils, toothpaste and stamps. She would also throw in some items just for fun, like candy or cookies. No matter what she chose to put in them, these packages were ALWAYS welcome to receive. It was so fun to receive something in the mail, and it means the world to know someone was thinking of me. 

You can send a package on your own to someone you know who is serving our country, or you can give items to a local group who collects and sends packages to the soldiers on a regular basis. My brother is active duty in the Air Force, and I know he has always enjoyed receiving a package, especially while he was overseas in Qatar. One time, the church my husband pastored in Mendota, IL, lovingly helped me collect items to send to my brother. The package was full of cookies, candies, snacks, books, videos, and necessities.

Please don’t forget about the wives whose husbands are serving and are absent from them. They need some encouragement as well, and may even need more than just a care package! My friend, Donna, once expressed her feelings to me about how unsupported she felt when her military husband was deployed overseas. There are some wives who are blessed during that time because they have family nearby to help out with the kids and the yardwork, or they have a supportive unit on base or church family to rely on. But, for many like Donna, it is often assumed that someone is taking care of their needs, so no one bothers to get involved. During one round of deployment, Donna’s own Pastor never called her the entire 5 months her husband was gone. What a huge mistake this is!

No matter who you are or where you are, EVERYONE loves to receive a package. Christmas and birthdays are not unusual times to send a package. But, what about sending one “just because?” I already mentioned how my mom would send me a care package when I was in college, but her thoughtful care packages did not end there! Even as I moved out of the house, got married, and had children of my own, she has continually blessed me and my family (as well as my brother and sister and their families) with an unexpected surprise package filled with “just because” items. It is always a special treat that really helps to  brighten our day.
Bless someone today with a care package! It doesn't have to be large, as I know how expensive the postage is these days. Just package up some little things that won't cost too much to send, or work together with someone else to help share in the cost.
Have fun with encouragement!


  1. I like to give "Random Acts of Kindness" be it gift certificates, assistances as I see the need (a strong arm on slippery days, carry packages etc)or a encourging card. Usually the gift certificate is sent "anonymous" if possible.

  2. That's great! Random acts of kindness is actually another topic I will be posting about soon!

  3. I just wrote this post yesterday, and you'll never guess what happened... We recieved a package in the mail TODAY, and it was from my mom! She hadn't even read this post yet when she sent the package. Talk about timing! :-)

  4. That is your mothers ministry. i like it.


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