Thursday, September 24, 2015

A "Catch All" Area Made Tidy

When we enter our house from the garage door, or the back door, we immediately enter the laundry room. That makes the washing machine and dryer easy targets to be a "catch all" for our jackets and everything else. A few years ago, this is what the laundry room looked like most of the time...

If our jackets didn't get dropped off here, they would make their way to the kitchen table and be placed on the back of a chair. Why? Because... well... it's just too much work to take 5 more steps, open a closet door, and put the jacket on a hanger! Right? (Yes, that is sarcasm.) So, this frustrated momma decided to make a change that would make it easy for all of us to hang up our jackets and help tidy up our laundry area. I went to Walmart and bought 2 identical hook racks. Then, I enlisted the help of my husband to help me attach the racks to the wall. This was the final product...

Do we still use the washer and dryer as a "catch all?" Yes, unfortunately we do. But... at least the jackets usually find their homes hanging on the hooks.

How do YOU deal with "catch all" areas? What solutions have you come up with to help in your home?

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